Just an opinion about the things I have seen here. I came to know about askmalai few days ago. I would like to thank the entire team for bringing beautiful opportunities in front of us. But the fact that has been annoying me all the time is that, most of the users have been just answering the questions randomly, even the critical questions only in words like “yes”, “no”, or even single words or even coping and pasting from sites only with the aim of getting the points and scoring the highest. A simple request that if you are unaware about the topics or uninterested then avoid answering or simply try to answer in a better way. I am a user too, and I promise that I will also try to answer the questions along with my knowledge keeping the above mentioned things in mind. I don’t have any link towards the founders.
The only thing is that I love to interact with each others, know about your opinions, share my own opinions regarding the topics and explore the fullest. Lastly, I would be pleased if you to answer the questions which you are interested in with your whole efforts and enthusiasm . I am sorry if anyone is offended with this post.