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Officer Cadet

Masu ??

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72 Answers

  1. Second Lieutenant https://askmalai.com/profile/david/
    This answer was edited.

    If someone offres me choose only 1 thing between  masu or get a gf . I would choose masu

  2. No I wished beef was also available In Nepal really want to try so badly

  3. masu is life

    masu is love

    masu is zindGi

    my life is complete without masu 🍖

  4. Please.. I can’t hear anything negative about masu 🥺🤝♥

  5. Second Lieutenant ”I have a sleeping disorder. I can’t tell the difference between life and dreams. I’m losing it.”
  6. your name suggests everything “chicken fried momo” 😅

  7. Yes Masu is overrated so you need to wrap that masu with some flour and steam it and serve it with some Soup.

  8. you’re walking on dangerous territories here talking things like this. masu is the best. masu is the masu of masu

  9. You might feel overrated if you are vegan.

  10. When you eat the thing daily the best food of your degrades to your worst. When you eat often the craze of that food hypes. Masu is the tastier to the person who waits Saturday so that they would eat rather than one who eats on daily basis.

    Always been a masu lover.

  11. Yes, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Depends.

  12. Not overrated. Although red meat have lots of negative consequences but in my point of view, its the desire what causes you to choose masu.

  13. Officer Cadet Proficient in technical and fundamental analysis
  14. General Public https://youtube.com/channel/UC7KIvlaH4myJdZw9-qbONcw
  15. masu is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️