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Best course after S.L.C

Just wanted to hear some suggestions from you guys



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95 Answers

  1. Depends on various factors:

    1. Your expertees on various subjects

    2. Your goals, dreams or passion

    3. Future of the course after completion

    4. Toughness of the course (though this is relative aspect and varies accordingly with person to person)

    5. Availability of the course on your desired area

    6. Funding and scholarships

    7. Your background major subjects


    Here are some of the courses,


    Subjects offered:

    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Botany
    • Zoology
    • Mathematics
    • Computer Science

    Commerce/ Management

    Subjects offered:

    • Accountancy
    • Economics
    • Business Mathematics
    • Computer Science
    • Hotel Management
    • Travel and Tourism
    • Marketing


    Subjects offered:

    • Sociology
    • Mass Communication and Journalism
    • Major English
    • History
    • Linguistics
    • Economics
    • Music
    • Dance
    • Geography
    • Culture
    • Computer Science
    • Environmental Science

    If you wish to pursue something which is internationally accepted then, A Level program affiliated to Cambridge University of United Kingdom is here to help. There are various colleges in and outside the valley that provides A Level program to students.

    Take your time selecting subjects and avoid any sort of regrets in future.

    Best wishes.

  2. Second Lieutenant https://askmalai.com/profile/david/

    Hotel management might be one of the best course after SLC according to me . To simply say u that the course u take depends upon u

  3. There is nothing thats called best. It all depends upon your interest and limit.

  4. Analyze your strengths, know what you want to do in the future, proceed accordingly

  5. It depends on 3 factors for me :

    1. Which subjects you took in  Grade 11/12.
    2. What field you want to pursue.
    3. What level of dedication you have,
  6. There is no such thing as “best course”. You can select any course, just make sure it suits your field of interest.

  7. It depends upon your goals and what you want to accomplish in future

  8. Take time. Find a field you’re really passionate about and focus on that :))

    1.  Best on what type of person you are it differs . Your passon, sorrounding and goals matters the most. So study what you are pasonate about you should have your goal.
  9. Padne ho vane A level join garey vayo sidha tei average student vaye afno interest herera faculty choose garey vayo.Ani make sure k ma intrest badi cha

  10. Know you worth

    Study as your interest

    Experiment yourself

    Faced problems and learn.

  11. If you have an interest in sumn outside the padhai zone, just choose a commerce related field, there’ll be less pressure and more time for yourself i think

  12. It depends on ur intrest. If you are interested in being engineer then Sure u will take PCM and if you are interested and want to make career in medical then you should take PCB. If in bank or CA then you should go through management faculty.

    And my suggestion is to take PCB bcz u will have the way of joining all these course later 🙂 so better to go through PCB .


    Yo pura depend garxa tm mathi because you cannot continue with someone’s suggestion. Timi 10th pass gare xau, so first understand your keen interest kun subject ma chahi ho, tyspaxi decide gar kun way choose garnu xa either you want to go with +2 or with diploma. Don’t go for suggestions, because sometime suggestion returns as nightmare so find your own word, what is your mind saying, instead of something else.

  14. This answer was edited.

    If you wanna go abroad better choose A-levels (science or non-science). If you wanna stay in Nepal than you can choose humanities arts law management and many more.But if you are thinking to learn science you need to have full determination na vaye pass hunna garai hunxa🤣

  15. Jun course pani best hunxa if you have a curiosity and passion to learn it hai….Tara banking sector ma interest vayera science liney galti chai nagarnu or vice versa 😂😂

  16. As per my experience & current situation of nepal .

    It’s best to do +2 in management & apply for abroad .Nepal basera kam xaina. No disregard to the country but it is what it is 🤷‍♀️

    • First of all try to forget your school life and be prepared for a little difference. Go to the place where yoga courses , self development , your passion , and close to nature so that you can energize yourself first before starting 11. Either study bridge course after what you are going to Study. Thank you…..
  17. General Public Documentation Specialist ◾ Team Leader ◾Social Media Management ◾ Graphics Designer ◾ Data Specialists ◾ www.rohitghimire.com ◾ Blogger

    do accordingly what you want

  18. Above all, it depends upon your interest and ability to study particular subject so that you wont regret later on. Science, Law, Management, Diploma or any other technical courses can be considered. Best of luck!

  19. ofc its science because you have options to revisit everything after 12 and get accreditation in every university abroad

  20. it’s your choice… what are your dreams?

  21. This answer was edited.

    If you are not sure what to study, I’d suggest liberal arts. It’ll help you have clarity on what you want to pursue in the future. If you’ll go into technical subjects without being sure, chances are you’ll not enjoy it very much and end up hating your job.

  22. First know what you are  genuinely passionate about and follow your heart.

  23. Whatever is your passion and interest ,that course is the best

  24. Best course is the one that you’re interested on

  25. It’s better to go with your interest. If you aren’t interested , you can’t get deeper knowledge and excel.

  26. Anything but not science dude. if you aren’t interested and are just “talent” science is gonna be hard

    1. Find what you are interested in.
    2. Go and learn a skill you desire to have on 3 mth gap.
    3. You can take science, management,arts it all depends on your interest but it will decide what you will be so choose carefully
    4. If u have enough time to learn skill dont throw it , learn something coz i am regretting it now :).
  27. Forget about the Courses.

    Learn How to live your life the best way


  28. Best is all up to you , the subject that intrest you is best .

  29. Do any type of computer course like programming, MS-office, accounting, graphics design, etc, it may help you a lot in your upcoming future.

  30. There’s nothing like the BEST COURSE, You have to rethink and arrange your interest in what you wanna be, Which Subject or field you are interested in.
    And that’s how you will get your best course and second step toward your best future as well (the first step will be your SEE Marks). Other people best cannot decide yours too.

  31. Moern days should be taken as it is (Learn I.T bro  never  dying job)

    (choose  the couse carefully  for the best result)


  32. Do u mean SEE? Because now +2 is SLC. and if u mean SEE then think according to your interest. U can take management or science but try to focus on studies as well because at the end u r the one who needs to study.

  33. So if you are interested in engineering/medical field you must choose science but you must read 3/4 minimum every day. As being science student if you cannot read 3/4 hours you can better choose management or other courses.

  34. Every subject is hard 😊😊 you gotta know which one you would fit in

  35. Don’t make the mistake of choosing something that you are not interested in due to family or peer pressure.

  36. I will suggest you learn life-saving skills rather than focusing on courses because it’s the only part where you can learn skills that will affect your personality in the long run. The world is waiting to engulf you in one bite, make yourself tastier than ever before. Cooking, Public speaking, Driving, Swimming, etc.

  37. This answer was edited.

    Based on you intrests. If you feel you wanna be doctor choose bio science. Wanna be a engineer you can choose physical science choosing maths and computer instead of bio . If you wanna build a business with a proper knowledge you can choose business management similarly you wanna be focused on computer but you don’t wanna read science which is waste of your efforts in my view you can study computer science(management group) . nah you wanna be a hotel manager or wanna be a cook or something related to hospitality and hotel management you can do hotel management course

  38. Hmmm, not a easy question to answer. It all depends on what you are aiming to be. No course is bad as all the courses have potential. It’s just up to you what you are capable of. Just follow some channels learn about more courses and see which course suits you the most. On my opinion science stream can open your door to every streams 🙂


  39. I would say not to join any courses just be with your family and learn how to live a basic life first than anything

  40. This answer was edited.

    course j liye ni hunxa 12 paxi ielts garera bhada hanna jana lai

  41. Officer Cadet Not so qualified just life experiences

    Not going with the flow.

  42. Officer Cadet Proficient in technical and fundamental analysis

    Based on what you are more interested and what you wanted to be ? On my perspective i would recommend to study commerce or management .

  43. So after SLC, you can choose between science, management , humanities for your +2 level education. Or you can probably seek for any Diploma course. It wholly depends upon your life goal, your strength, your interest. Just take your time and make a choice. You are the only one who knows what you want to pursue as a career in your life, think wisely and make a choice accordingly. All is Well

  44. There is no best course. there are good course like engineering, doctor, CA, chef , etc. but it totaly depends on what you love to do

  45. General Public https://youtube.com/channel/UC7KIvlaH4myJdZw9-qbONcw
  46. depends on you. You can choose one which you have most interest .

  47. if you wanna stay in nepal take the +2 course NEB… you may take streams of your choice

    if your target is abroad you may take A levels course.. its the educational course from university of cambridge, UK..

  48. Technical subjects are great these days

  49. study what would you like to study at the end of your high school. If you have not made your mind than study what excites you the most. just don’t fall into the trap of see results being good and study something that does not excites you or you think you are weak in

  50. Depends on what interest and strength you have. If you are good with maths and science definitely choose science stream, if its tad bit difficult then go for management stream. If you’re interested in arts, or philosophy then go for humanities. If youve plan to pursue higher degree out of country then go for A levels.

  51. Its is based upon your interest. Course related to what you aspire to be is the best.

  52. Depends on what you want to pursue, your interest, etc. Also, if you set your mind to pursue a faculty, don’t choose another later because your mind has changed. It causes difficulties in building your career.

  53. Officer Cadet I am good at debating , playing indoor/outdoor games , a person with good iq and i like general knowledge a lot and i am writing all these stuffs just to fill my credential okey<>

    Adds alert Bridge course ; i know that is not that funny or sensitive but if you want to study in good colleges in less fees you have yo study bridge course to score g0od marks in entrance exam of colleges .

  54. In my opinion take you should go along with your heart, first known yourself, and know what you are interested in and that ask yourself will this study contribute to my future or the plans in my future. That’s it, there is nothing as a special course or the best course to take just depends upon you what you enjoy.

  55. aailay ko khali time ma kei soft skills haru sikdai gare hunxa.


  57. You must take of your interest otherwise you will regret whole life.