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  • 9
Avimandu Adhikari
Officer Cadet

About the future of askmalai?

Do you think one day askmalai will be one of the biggest community?

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67 Answers

  1. NGL but Askmalai has no future. Because Askmalai itself is the future.

  2. I think if we come together;invite our friends families colleagues here in this community will surely make us big in the coming days .

    With prime motive of connecting everyone from nepal lets take some time and refer to those who deserves to join in this journey .

    And of course , i think askmalai team will surely add more features, gifts and many exciting opportunity for us ❤️❤️

  3. Yes, despite releasing recently it’s been a major part of my life, I learned a lot.
    Together we will and we can

  4. Yes and someday we gonna share our experience with the coming generation.

  5. Second Lieutenant ”I have a sleeping disorder. I can’t tell the difference between life and dreams. I’m losing it.”
  6. Ofc it will but for that we have to support askmalai team

  7. Giphy ko ni plugin haldeu na pragyan bhai. yeta ni meme ra gif halna paye hunthyo 😂

  8. I wouldn’t say it would be but if we try it could be the biggest

  9. We all have been impressed with the platforms like Quora(a platform where one can get his queries resolved and even answer the one if he holds any expertise in the topic). To have similar knowledge sharing platform here is so amazing.

    If we lend our ears to others problem and try to share as much as we can of course, this platform will prove to be the best. Needless to say the dedication of each and every member is important but if we give our best, pass onto as many people as possible, I can see it becoming the biggest community.😊

  10. With the growing use of internet among the teenagers, this platform can definitely be popular if used in varied ways. This can become the next Quora for Nepalese netizens to quench the curiosity.

  11. askmali is doing good as we can see many active users. Now if we keep sharing about it with our friends and relatives it’ll definitely gonna be number 1 forum platform.

  12. It’s upto the reactions of public. How will the public reacts to this platfoms.. But yeah, this app has potential to grow. But is seeking a update as the interface of website isn’t much user friendly..  Users are facing problems like loading issues

  13. Its like reddit but its not. Who knows what future have to bring but good luck people.

  14. sure !!
    why not ?? If we can provide effective and useful knowledge and informations to those nepalis who search for some information on various topics and also students always search for queries and solutions to different problems and questions.
    If we all can properly and effectively grow #askmalai , then one day this community can be as large as for example : Quora

  15. This answer was edited.

    Honest review, it’s better than wasting time scrolling TikTok and blunting the knowledge. To a person like me who loves reasoning and writing, it’s huge.

  16. In future,

    If u want to find answers of ur questions, askmalai will be the best to choose.

  17. its reddit twitter and facebook but its us – local Nepalese. something we can proud of.

    i think it will grow more on among young adults

  18. Big ta huncha  , dhukkai .

    ekdam ramro cha hai , kuddos to entire team.

  19. Officer Cadet Proficient in technical and fundamental analysis

    Don’t know exactly but our engagement may help askmalai to grow.

  20. Future of askmalai is limited more way to communicate much more user friendly environment much more then just QnA much more activities and more interesting people and some of me askmalai will work out.

  21. General Public https://youtube.com/channel/UC7KIvlaH4myJdZw9-qbONcw
    1. Yes ! Its going to be one of the best and biggest community in nepal.
  22. Yes. Together we can undoubtedly  create a good community. We can open up our question related to our life and other topics and easily linkup people regarding the concerned topic. Its a great platform to share  our opinions and ideas. Thats great

  23. Future of Askmalai is based upon strategies they take to grow this platform.

    And one thing is sure askmalai will grow untill they provide rewards.

    This kind of platform is new for Nepalese as I haven’t seen many of us on Quora.

  24. Yes It can grow bigger. Only problem is lack of international audience.

  25. This answer was edited.

    Community sure has potential. So, it will definitely become a huge platform one day. It needs everyone’s support and help. I’d be glad to see a Nepalese Community grow internationally.


  26. You’ve made some good points there. I checked on the web for more information about the issue and found most individuals will go along with
    your views on this website. help refuges