1. Nepal is the Second Richest Country in Water Resources.
According to World Factbook by the CIA, Nepal has a Total Renewable Water Resource of 210.2 cubic kilometers (In 2011) whereas, Brazil has a highest Total Renewable Water Resource of 8,233 cubic kilometers, followed by Russia(4,508 KM3), the US(3069 KM3 ), Canada(2902 KM3) and China(2840 KM3). As per this parameter, Nepal stands at 43rd position.

2. Tilicho ( Recently Singhar/Kajin Sara) is the world’s highest lake.
A lake is a body of fresh or saltwater, normally found in a basin surrounded by land. Tilicho’s surface elevation is 4919 meters & Kajin Sara’s surface elevation is 5020 meters whereas the crater lake of Ojos del Salado, at 6,390 meters which is only around 100m in diameter. If we consider the size Puma Yumco will be the highest large lake. Thus Ojos del Salado is the highest lake followed by Lhanga Pool (extinct), Changtse Pool ( at 6216 m), and East Rongbuk Pool ( 6,100 m).

3. Wai Wai is a Nepali Brand Noodle.
Wai Wai is a multinational noodle brand. It was initially produced by a Thai company, Thai Preserved Food Factory, Co., Ltd. (TPFF) in 1972. In Nepal, the Chaudhary Group built a Wai Wai noodle factory in Kathmandu in 1984 in technical collaboration with TPFF.