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askmalai.com welcomes all of our newest members into our community. In case you still have any confusion about what askmalai.com is, we are a simple Nepal based question-answer community forum. We set out on this journey because of the simple fact that information on anything related to Nepal was severely lacking from old history, culture, and relics to modern trends, fashion and places.

With askmalai.com, we wish to bring together Nepali’s everywhere into a singular community to bond, have intellectual discussions and grow. These discussions add on to our forum and will eventually gather into a gargantuan database on Nepal from Nepali’s by Nepali’s, and that too quite organically. We wish to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where people are freely able to discuss on topics of their interest and gather knowledge from others as well. You will soon be acquainted with how askmalai.com works and all of our other fun features such as the ranking system, activity rewards, giveaways and more.
Speaking of which, askmalai.com would like to announce our Mega Launch Event starting today, April 30, 2022 which features;

1) NRs. 100 recharge per day for most active user!
2) NRs. 5000 per week for most active user of the week!
3) NRs. 10000 per month for most active member of the month!

This event will continue until next notice. Make sure to be on the lookout for many similar fun and engaging surprises! Keep the community clean and always make sure to answer if you have any ideas.

1) How to see my ranks?
It’s on the side menu. If you earn member of the day/week/month then you are eligible for the rewards.

2) How to gain points?
You can earn points by joining askmalai, answering the queries, asking questions, liking questions and referring the community to others.

3) How to redeem?
Mail us your proof on contact@askmalai.com after verifying the information we’ll send the rewards to you within 1 week business weeks time.