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Askmalai Latest Articles

There’s nothing

The first time i saw you You were walking by the school corridor I was there holding my friends hand talking to someone Time passed I started to see you offen walking by the school corridors Slowly started to talk ...

Most embarrassing thing 😭

I went to my sister marriage yesterday ani a girl came near me almost the same age as mine i find her so attractive ani while she coming towards me she spill her dink on me and i think that ...

Towards Betterment

Just an opinion about the things I have seen here. I came to know about askmalai few days ago. I would like to thank the entire team for bringing beautiful opportunities in front of us. But the fact that has ...

Lets grow more

I entered in this site yesterday , and i am very happy that i got to be here . I find this site very useful. I can see many asking the even the very little thing and some asking the ...